“Why I Love Saint Gregory’s”

Upper School Student Perspectives

“My favorite thing about Saint Gregory’s School was the sleepover. The fifth and sixth grade class slept over in the Kopp Wing one night in early September. We all arrived around 5:30pm and had pizza and played in the gym. The night got even better when a video game truck arrived full of televisions and game consoles for up to about twenty-five people. I played Mine Craft and Halo Four with my classmates. Later in the night we played Manhunt, which is hide-and-seek in the dark. It was a blast! We were able to stay up very late. In the morning, we had chocolate muffins. It was a fun night with my friends, and I hope we win the sleepover again next year.”  Alex, Grade 5

“I have been a student at Saint Gregory’s for as long as I remember, and I can’t imagine not being here.  Saint Gregory’s has taught me the foundation of self respect and respect for others.  Classes at Saint Gregory’s are more than just friends it’s a brotherhood.  Everyone knows almost everything about every classmate and that’s why I love this school so much.  The teachers support you and really care how you do and care how you grow.  The bond between students is the main reason why I love this school.”  Emmett, Grade 8   

“I have been at Saint Gregory’s since Nursery and I’ve loved every year I’ve been here. Saint Gregory’s gives me a challenge every day I am here in a good way. The academics are high level and will provide a good future for me and everybody who goes here. The math we are learning is ninth-grade level. The English books we read are also high school level, such as Of Mice and Men. The sports programs here are very good and have great coaches. The kids in my class and the whole school are friendly and help you out when you need it. Having Mass every month gets us involved in Religion. All the teachers here give us individual help if you need it and make sure we get it before we go on. I am glad we have Apple computers here in the Upper School to help us with essays and other work. In the seventh and eighth grades, we are very lucky to play bells in a choir for the Christmas Concert, Grandparents Day, and a few performances outside of school. Saint Gregory’s School has been a great experience for me that I will remember for the rest of my life.”  Aidan, Grade 7

“I love Saint Gregory’s because of the challenging education, the strong friendships I have developed over my years at this school, and the educational activities. Our teachers are hard, but at the same time make learning fun. The teachers are giving a great education to the students that attend Saint Gregory’s. The students are smart, fun and are true lifelong friends. They don’t mind helping out students that struggle. The teachers are also great friends. It is easy to make great friends Saint Gregory’s because everyone has a kind heart and is fun. The teachers have so many jobs such as teaching one class, and then coaching a basketball team. Our history teacher, Mr. Powers, teaches history to fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, coaches the seventh and eighth grade basketball team, and he runs a program in the summer called Adventure Camp. Our Headmaster, Mr. Loomis, is also the sixth grade basketball coach and the seventh and eighth grade math teacher. I love the educational challenges the teachers give you to prepare the students on what comes after Saint Gregory’s. The Knights Society, a program that pushes the Upper School student to help the community, is one of my favorite activities at Saint Gregory’s. The teachers and friends are the best you can get at Saint Gregory’s.”  Jake, Grade 6


Young Student Perspectives

“I like my school because the teachers are amazing!”
Michael, Grade 1

“I like Saint Gregory’s because the teachers care about math and reading. But, the teachers also care about friendship. Saint Gregory’s means to me a great school with good friends.”
Aidan, Grade 2

“At Saint Gregory’s we get to read awesome chapter books. We also can play dodge ball and go on cool field trips. We made a model bridge in science and a color wheel in art. Saint Gregory’s is the best school.”
Brandon, Grade 3

“My favorite thing is science because I want to be a scientist and I like experiments.”

Drew, Grade 4

Alumni Perspectives

Christopher Carroll, Saint Gregory’s ‘09, Currently attending University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Christopher Carroll

 “One of the most beneficial things I learned at Saint Gregory’s was how to think outside of the box and to not allow others to set limits on what you can accomplish. The teachers have high expectations because they know what your potential is and help you understand it.”




Phillip Cushing, Saint Gregory’s ‘04Boston College ‘12, Currently attending Columbia Law School

Phillip Cushing “What I have come to appreciate is how I learned how to be a gentleman. All of the experiences I had at Saint Gregory’s were so fundamental to what I have accomplished, and I will always hold them dearly.”




Parent Perspectives

“Observing the teachers that my son and nephew have benefited from so far in their educational career at Saint Gregory’s, we see educators who understand the responsibility that comes with educating boys.”
Mary and Stephen Hanchar

“Saint Gregory’s is a school that offers core values critical to a good education: high academic standards, terrific teachers who would never quit on a child: a climate that refuses to allow a child to slip through the cracks; and access to the head of school.”

Katie and Lloyd Helm

“I have nothing but admiration and respect for the teachers my son has had. The classroom teachers and special area teachers have provided my son with the foundation needed to be successful. The commitment of the coaching staff is incredible. I love that good sportsmanship is a priority and winning is an added bonus.”
Mother of 4th Grader

“Unlike many other good schools, Saint Gregory’s is proud to put an emphasis on virtues such as moral standards, responsibility, loyalty, character and teamwork in a manner that is compatible with humor, fun and ambition.”
Parents of 2nd Grader