Message from the Headmaster



It is my pleasure to join the Saint Gregory’s family this year. Saint Gregory’s is such a welcoming community.  My family and I have been treated with such great care and enthusiasm since our arrival this summer. I see the same care and compassion displayed by teachers with new families as well as current ones. Saint Gregory’s is a place where people want to share in each other’s company and be part of something wonderful.  It is a privilege to be part of the Saint Gregory’s community.

I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics from Hampden-Sydney College, one of last single-gender schools in the country.  I earned my Masters in Science in Educational Leadership at Longwood University.  I spent several years working in the Office supply industry working in Northern Virginia/D.C. region and the Tidewater/Norfolk region of Virginia.  I chose to change my career path and become a teacher.  I taught history, literature, geography, economics, and ethics.

I became a Headmaster in 2003.  I have led schools in Virginia, Texas, and North Carolina.  I enjoy being outdoors whether in the garden, at the beach, or in the mountains.  My favorite part of all my jobs is the relationship I develop with students and families.

Alan K. Barr